2D Computer Animation for Film Class

Adjunct Professor for USC


Taught Introduction to Digital Animation for Film in 2009 to College Level Advanced Studio A , Junior Animation Major core class.

RESPONSIBILITIES: I taught the fundamental principles of working in 2D digital software with an emphasis on animation, story, sound, timing and execution. Treatment, Storyboarding, Production-flow, scheduling and pipeline were integral .
FINAL COURSE ASSIGNMENT :: A 30 second to 4 minute animated computer film utilizing original character designs, concepts, and sound
SOFTWARE :: Flash CS4, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder

This job was a one in a life time opportunity to work with some of the most talented animators I have ever met… hands down. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.




  • Animation Teacher

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Student Film:

Hacky Sack by Carolyn Chrisman

“Hacky Sack” by Carolyn Chrisman. I was the instructor for this Flash computer animation class and it was Carolyn’s first attempt at using Flash. As you can obviously tell, she is an incredibly talented animator and I was really impressed with her ability to combine flash and after effects into a fluid and incredibly effective film.
Music by Daniel Gledhill

Student Film:

Grade A

Wyatt Banks did a brilliant job with this short film. This was his first time using Flash animation.