A mash-up of some of my older motion graphic work from the past.

Older Demo Reel

  • Title animation over my Big Sur time-lapse photography
  • 3D Hummingbird Animation over my Mount Tam time-lapse photography
  • Experimental Animation
  • Logo Animation and Foggy Moon Experiment
  • Dance Medicine Logo Animation
  • The Well Title Animation
  • Suspended Abbey Title Animation
  • The Last Express Title Opener
  • Prince of Persia Animation
  • Occupy the farm Motion Graphics
  • My Love Affair with The Brain Motion Graphics
  • Tall Tales Logo Animation
  • SCHEDit Product Launch Motion Graphics
  • MPM, Inc. Logo animation
  • Under The Covers Film Opening Title Motion Graphics
  • Destination Science Online Education Animations for interactive eLearning modules
  • Split Feature Documentary character animation
  • Beyond Conception Character Animation

 Tools: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Premiere Pro



  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • Character Design
  • Interactive eLearning Media
  • Explainer Videos

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Demo reel from older work